Nyesom Ezenwo Wike

Gov. Wike is pushing Rivers Politicians to the verge of Political Eclipse

By Dr Leloonu Nwibubasa

Governor Wike’s continuous fight against the PDP National Leadership is not in the interest of the upcoming Rivers politicians in the PDP. Recall that former Governor of Rivers State Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi fought the national leadership of PDP in same manner and lead away a retinue of our very bright young politicians. The result of that political exodus is that most of the people who left with Gov Amaechi to APC can best be described as internally displaced politicians. ( IDPs).


Today the actions of Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike is pushing our current crop of politicians to the verge of political eclipse. I feel greatly worried and at the same time sorry for a great number of upcoming very intelligent young politicians who are presently serving as local government chairmen, Commissioners, Assembly members and those in different positions both at the state and at the federal level. The earlier this group of political leaders understand that the consequences of the governor’s actions will make them IDPs, and take the decision that will salvage there political future by embracing the national leadership of the PDP at this time, the better the political outlook for them. If you are relying on Governor Nyesom Wike’s political muscles today, in a few months from now Gov Wike’s political muscles will undergo atrophy and his strength will diminished. With the diminishing strength of the leader of the Pride, the rest members of the pride will migrate to establish their different colonies.


A typical scenario of former Rivers APC members producing guber candidates in about eight political parties . Such disintegration of the Pride and dismemberment of the park are not just the creation of high handed, self-centered and proud leaders but also a result of gullible, sycophantic and docile followers.


God gave every one a voice. We must let others speak. God gave everyone a pair of ears, we must endure to listen. We were created to enhance one another and not to put out the little light of others. Leadership is about the creation of a greater and more meaningful life for others and not a self transformation of leaders to deities.


it is my passionate appeal therefore, that we all stand against a repeat of what is presently being experienced by the Rivers APC through similar action and activities of Former Rivers Governor Rotimi Amaechi


Dr Leloonu Nwibubasa is the Spokesman PDP Presidential Campaign council Rivers State and former Commissioner for Employment Generation and Economic Empowerment Rivers State.

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Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has said the recognition of King Ateke Michael  Tom, as the Amayanabo of ancient Okochiri kingdom by the Rivers State government, has brought peace, stability and security to Okochiri and entire Okrika council.


The governor, acknowledged that without the support of traditional rulers, it will be difficult for any government at whatever  level to achieve peace.


Governor Wike stated this after he was conferred with the traditional title, “Se Taribo 1st of Okochiri kingdom (A man who has love for his people),” at Okochiri in Okrika Local Government Area of Rivers State on Saturday.


His word: “The recognition of Ateke Tom by government as the Amayanabo of Okochiri has brought peace in this domain, and the people are happy with his leadership. And that is why today you can see that there is peace that reigns within the environment of Okochiri, and to greater extent, the entire  Okrika Local Government.”


The governor, noted when a person is  saddled with the responsibility of presiding over the affairs of the people, once his administration is predicated on justice, fairness and equity, it will yield peace and happiness for those governed.


“It is one thing to be traditional ruler, it is another thing to live up to expectation of a traditional ruler. You have kept your kingdom as one, you have kept your kingdom in peace, you have kept your kingdom united, and that is what is expected of a traditional ruler.


“You’re not just a traditional ruler to confer chieftaincy title on us, you’re also a traditional ruler to help government to maintain peace in your domain. Because without the traditional rulers, it will be difficult for any government at whatever  level to achieve anything.”


“Governance without peace, governance without security is no governance. Governance is predicated on protection of life and property.”


Governor Wike, noted that the massive turn out of people from all walks of life to grace the fourth  anniversary of the coronation of King Ateke Michael Tom as the Amayanabo of Okochiri and dedication of his new palace, is a  demonstration of their appreciation of his leadership.


“Ateke Tom has brought peace. Don’t see him as Ateke Tom that fought for the Niger Delta, see him as Ateke Tom, the traditional ruler, the Amayanabo of Okochiri kingdom, whose traditional duty is to make sure peace reigns in his domain.”


Governor Wike, who commended the king for being supportive of the government of Rivers State, promised to complete all on going infrastructural projects started by his administration in Okochiri and the entire Okrika council.


The governor urged the people of Okrika and the rest of the country to rally round, and collectively ensure that the All Progressives Congress is ousted from power in 2023.


“It’s only God that is holding us today. Things are very difficult day by day. The government at the national level has failed us, and therefore, it’s time for Nigerians  to rally round to make sure we have a  government that will take  care of our people.”


Former Minister of Transport, Dr. Abiye Sekibo said the recognition of the ancient Okochiri kingdom stool by Governor Wike has brought peace, joy and development to the entire Okrika Local Government Area of Rivers State.



Kelvin Ebiri


Special Assistant Media to the Rivers State Governor.

November 27, 2021.


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