Abia at 31: Hope Is On The Way

The Bond Ohuche Campaign Organisation and the governoship candidate of the African Action Congress, AAC, Chief Bond Ohuche, felicitate with all Abians on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of the creation of our dear state.


It is significant because it offers us another opportunity for stock taking on the journey thus far. On this occasion, we have consciously chosen to roll out the drums in celebration.



We are celebrating not because all is going well with our dear state, but because hope is coming. We are celebrating because our traducers; those who delibrately rendered our state comatose and made it a laughing stock in the comity of states, will be retired from their serial mischief, come 2023.


Our hope bouyed by the visible signs in the horizon that Abians are now wise to the antics of those who connived and conspired to keep us down all these years.



We are optimistic because Abians have keyed into the voters revolution sweeping across the country. With our PVCs and enabled by the amended Electoral Act 2022, we are rock confident that the hour of liberation has come.


We call on all Abians to #bondtogether with Chief Bond Ohuche and the African Action Congress, in the sacred mission to rescue Abia and once more return her to her ordained place as God’s Own State.


Abia under Chief Bond Ohuche, will witness remarkable progress in security of lives and property, medicare/medicaid, infrastructural development, education, welfare of workers and senior citizens (through prompt and regular payment of salaries, pensions and gratuities ) and accelerated provision of business opportunities through micro credits for SMEs. Abia will witness a boom in agriculture, power generation and distribution, employment opportunities for our teeming youths and development of the tourism potentials of the state.


We shall rejoice soon as the reign of evil will be retired permanently. Let us #bondtogether to birth the new Abia.
Our PVC is our power. Let us use it wisely. Our salvation is in our hands.


A new Abia is possible.
Let’s make it happen!!!

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Guber aspirant promises to build modular refineries, reduce cost of governance in Abia.


A governorship aspirant on the platform of African Action Congress (AAC), Chief Bond Ohuche has promised to build three modular refineries in Abia if he becomes governor of the state.

Ohuche made the promise at the party office in Umuahia when he met with the officials of the party to declare his intention to fly the flag of the party in 2023.



“Abians should expect three licensed modular refineries that will be refining 500-5000 barrel of crude oil per day.

“We have crude oil and so, we have no reason not to be energy sufficient and also do not have any reason not to earn money from the value chain of crude oil, instead of depending on imported petrol”.

He vowed to drastically reduce the cost of governance in the state if he becomes the governor of the state.

The Arochukwu-born politician who lamented the inability of the previous and incumbent government to leaverage on the economic, natural and mineral resources in the state for its overall development, said upon his election as the governor, he would start an industrial revolution in the state.

He went further to add that his administration would ensure 22hrs power supply to boost the activities of small and medium scale industrialists who spend a lot of money running their shops and offices on generating sets, making cost of finished goods high.

“Abians should expect durable roads from me. Abians should expect relevant education from me; the type of education that will equip our graduands with necessary skills that are relevant to today and the future which will enable them to survive the tide that we are living.

“Abians should expect a seamlessly and well managed affordable healthcare insurance scheme. They should expect a restructured pension scheme that will pay off the debt of the past and migrate into a more convenient and efficient contributory pension scheme.

“They should also expect drastic reduction in the cost of governance so that we have enough resources to develop the state. Abians should expect minimum of 22hrs electricity through the introduction of micro-grid power stations, outside the Aba ring area that has been ceded to the Geometrics.

“We have a lot of programmes and we do not seek to execute these programmes with government money only. We have our consultants and partners that are ready to bring in financie and we will run it like a business”.



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