I ‘Dobale’ For Democracy, Tinubu Shrugs Off Slip

COVERI ‘Dobale’ For Democracy, Tinubu Shrugs Off Slip
President Bola Tinubu has reacted to the trending video of him tripping at Eagle Square in Abuja on Wednesday, saying democracy is worth falling for.

Tinubu missed a step while climbing the vehicle for a parade at Eagle Square in Abuja during an event for the 2024 Democracy Day. But he quickly regained his balance and continued with the activities for the day.

Speaking about the incident during a day to mark the day, Tinubu joked about the incident and said that he had only “dobale” – paid homage to democracy in the Yoruba style.

According to him, while celebrating Democracy, “I ‘dobale’ for democracy,” (meaning I bowed for Democracy).

Since the incident, reactions have continued to pour in from several Nigerians including members of the opposition.

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