Media Attacks on Wike: Chidi Amuta, Tunde Olusunle Are Sponsored Media Hatchet Men of Rotimi Amaechi – Group.

PoliticsMedia Attacks on Wike: Chidi Amuta, Tunde Olusunle Are Sponsored Media Hatchet Men of Rotimi Amaechi - Group.

A group the Niger Delta Solidarity Movement (NDSM) has reacted to what it described as the “orchestrated media attacks on former governor of Rivers State, Chief Barr. Ezenwo Nyesom Wike, CFR, GSSRS, by hirelings of former Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Rotimi Amaech”.
In a statement issued by the group and signed by Signed Comrade Tekena Donkemezuo, Coordinator and Chief Ameka Ibezi Ukpeliede, Secretary, the group dismissed the media attacks as a by product of envy and frustration.

According to the group, “Nigerian award winning writer and wordsmith, Chinua Achebe in one of his seminal works, admonished us not to be carried away, each time we see, Nwanza the proverbial bird, strutting and dancing, because on a closer look, we will definitely see the drummer, who is ultimately responsible for the intemperate dance steps of the little bird”.

Continuing, the group noted that, “This is the appropriate prism that should be applied to any Interrogation of the infantile drivel authored by Tunde Olusunle, in a failed attempt to drag the amiable and eminent ex-governor of Rivers State, Chief Barr. Ezenwo Nyesom Wike, CFR, GSSRS, into the cesspool of adversarial and toxic politics, that he and his masters wallow in”.

The group further disclosed that, “Aside from the name dropping by Tunde Olusunle, in a vainglorious attempt to boost his pedigree as a journalist, all he succeeded in achieving was to let slip, the mortal dread and aversion that he shares with his co-travelers, on the persona of Chief Barr. Wike. The writer who claims to be a renowned poet, without a single literary work or award to his name, choose to dance naked in an orgy of half- truths and hate inspired innuendoes. Tunde Olasunle and his coterie of Wikephobes, dazed by the stellar performance of Wike in the national political space, wallow and revel in self- pity and uncoordinated war of attrition”.

The NDSM said, “Of course there is no need to rehash or reply to the cacophony of mistruths, disinformation and panegyrics concocted by Amuta and Olusunle in their desperate effort to pull Wike down and cause disaffection between the generalissimo and his peers and associates. This is there stock in trade”.

“In the case of Olusunle, inspite of his efforts to cloak his jaundiced narrative with the toga of intellectualism, he still came out as a hack writer, whose only motivation is to pour venom on any person that disagrees with or catches the fancy of his master Rotimi Amaechi. Tunde Olusunle’s diatribe against Chief Barr. Wike only exposed the fact that he was merely playing his masters’ voice. It is not a secret that Tunde Olusunle is hack writer in the employ of former Minister of Transportation, Chief Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi. Yes, Amaechi and Olusunle go way back through Chidi Amuta and Yemi Ogunbiyi. This fact was acknowledged by Tunde Olusunle himself when he name dropped Yemi Ogunbiyi and Chidi Amuta as his comrades- in-infamy and merchants of falsehood, in the employ of the politically eclipsed former Minister of Transportation”.

Continuing, the NFDM said, “It is actually a mystery that out of all the newsworthy events that has been playing out, since May 29th, the only thing that catches the fancy of Tunde Olusunle, is Nyesom Wike. Why you may ask? Because he was ordered to do so by his patron and master, Rotimi Amaechi”.

The Niger Delta Solidarity Movement disclosed that “Tunde Olusunle and his co-travelers are agent provocateurs sponsored by Amaechi to denigrate Wike and poison the minds of well-meaning Nigerians, who admire Wike and understand his tremendous contributions in the Victory of President Bola Tinubu and the APC at the center. Can they swear that Amaechi didn’t sponsor their diatribe against Wike?”

“It is not a coincidence, that just as Chidi Amuta unleashed his censorious orgy, in an attempt to repudiate Wike’s acceptability, Tunde Olusunle’s lackluster echo will surface in The Comet, in an omnibus endorsement of a charade franchised and sponsored by Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi. The crux of the whole media lynching orchestrated by Amaechi through his minions, Amuta and Olusunle, is the fear that Wike’s politics of inclusion and accommodation is propelling him to greater heights, while on the contrary their masters political career has sunk and hit crush depth like the Titanic”, the group said.

According to NDSM, “The duo of Amuta and Olusunle are angry and afraid that they may have lost their meal ticket with Amaechi’s loss to Tinubu in the APC Presidential primaries, and the now total annihilation of Rotimi Amaechi on the home front by Nyesom Wike, who has proved much more politically adept than the likes of Amaechi and his co travellers”.

The group highlighted that “Wike’s track record of success as governor of Rivers state and a political colossus in the just concluded presidential elections, continues to endear him to the heart of Nigerians, not just only Rivers people”.

The group reiterated that, “For Rivers people, who have gotten tired of seeing their former governors play second fiddle in the national political canvas, the ascension of Wike, as the undisputed political leader of Rivers people and the South-South indeed is a tonic that no attempt to misdirect the narrative will work”.

The group concluded by saying, “Rivers people have tried Amaechi’s toxic brand and all it got for our people was divisive politics, unending wrangling and not even a single project to show for his eight years of ministerial appointment. We have chosen a NEW paradigm and Wike is our champion. Politics is a game of give and take. Rivers people bouyed on by Chief Barr. Wike gave their all to ensure the emergence of President Ahmed Bola Tinubu, and nothing will be too much to compensate our people for our efforts. Rivers people needs a leader that will not be carried away in Abuja, only returning occasionally to sow discord and chaos in the state. Wike will put the interest of Rivers state first above self-interest”.

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