Why is China no longer respecting Russia?

However, China found it interesting to ally itself with Russia in order to better fight against its great rival for the place of the first world superpower in the future: America.

However, this war is not to the liking of Xi Jinping who would have preferred Vladimir Putin to stick to fear-mongering by massing men around Ukraine, but not to act on it.

China is now in an awkward situation, with a partner it said earlier this year was a rock-solid ally, but which seems to be making totally crazy decisions strategically.

Putin needs China’s help, but China itself risks alienating the West by helping Putin evade sanctions to continue waging this heinous war in Ukraine.

So China is on a very narrow ridge.

On the other hand, China realizes that America’s sanctions are likely to create a new world monetary order in which they would have a stronger place and America would be weakened.

China also realizes that if it helps Russia, Russia will become a kind of satellite country, totally dependent on it economically. It will be far from Putin’s dreams of grandeur for Russia. Another strategic mistake on his part.

For China, the challenge is to make the most of the consequences of this crisis while preserving all the parties involved. An extremely difficult exercise that Xi Jinping would have done well without during this year when the congress of the Chinese Communist Party will take place.


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